Dan Carr is a hockey player, football player (the British kind), and acclaimed photographer. Wikipedia may be talking about different Dan Carr's but he has also done all of these things at some point (he has never minted coins like this Dan Carr).

It is a surprisingly common name.

What he likes most is exploring perspective, complex emotions and intimate stories about being human. In the background collage, artificial intelligence tried to pick out which of these runners in the Long Beach half marathon is him. It did pretty well. He has started using his middle initial so he stands a bit more out of the pack - like in this photo grid.

He’s directed for some companies who’s names are more recognizable than his generic one, such as The Muppets, Dunkin’ Donuts, Fifa World Cup, Coca Cola, Josh Groban (for my mom), Slurpee, The Atlantic, and more.

He likes working with humans more.