Camera/Edit/Sound Design/Direction by Dan Carr
Written/Produced/Art/Costumes by Dan Carr and Richard Wright
Starring: Richard Wright, Trevor Stevens, Jessica Hall, Dennis “Waju” Broderick, Scott “Huss” Morrow, Christina Berkley, Brandon Moore, Yared Yonas, Cleopatra Moor, Bobby Moser, Grant Meuers Nick Roney, Dan Carr
Assistant Camera: Waju
2nd Unit Camera: Nick Roney
Color: Kaitlyn Batistelli

Thank you to: Luke Orlando, Teddy Lee, Cameron Dutra, Ben Mullinkosson, Mishka Kornai, Spencer Creigh, Sophie Peter, Jerad Anderson, Renita, Natasha Seubert, Tania Tellis, Jacquecia Tellis, Jackie! Zhou, Norman O Houston Park, City of Inglewood, Krispy Krunchy, El Super South Central, Inglewood Buy Low, Daz Rinko Shows, Ethos Post, Whitelist, Vermont Car Wash, Delicious Pizza, the entire Husslehouse and all the people who helped in provide weed for this video or just twisting one up. And BIG thanks to Comfort LA for the best chicken wings of all time - kept us alive.